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EN PERMANENCE , Les bronzes de L'artiste Serge Couvert, et les peintures de l' artiste IRINI sur le thème de  Paris et les parisiennes.




Après 16 ans à Paris, lactivité est transférée au centre historique de la ville de Saint-Lô en Normandie.

Je présente un groupe d'artistes contemporains.

J'ai pu faire partager ma passion pour l'art  durant de longues années à la place des Vosges à Paris, ensuite durant 16 ans à Saint Geramin-des- Prés.

En collaboration avec la prestigieuse galerie amie , la Galerie de Medicis à la Place des Vosges , où j'expose les oeuvres  de Serge COUVERT depuis l'été 2018, mais également à ma nouvelle location de galerie à Saint Lô tenue par mon associé.



I introduce contemporary artists.

For many years I was director of an art gallery in the Place des Vosges. 


After 16 years at my location rue Dauphine Paris 6e, I exhibit at the Place des Vosges the bronze by Serge Couvert at the prestigious Gallery de Medicis,  also all my artists will be permanently exhibited at my new gallery location in Saint-Lô in Normandy managed there by my partner.


Biographie :


IRINI  a member of Society of Artists on Russia, IRINI  was born in Moscow in 1958. She got education as an engineer of garment production and an engineer-mapper (MIIGAiK) . She realized her creative potential initially studying violin at the Music school in the classroom of the teacher Podgorny AP, then at the end of secondary school, taking private lessons jazz violin.


Apat from music, she was keen on painting, decorating and arts and crafts. In the mid-80s at the beginning of reforms in the Soviet Union she opened own studio theater (Children's Theatre-Studio "Unit") in Moscow.


Theatre survived until 1992. In the difficult times  IRINI  completely given painting, finding this peace of mind. She would participate in various art exhibitions that would bring great satisfaction with audience's attention.


Main directions of the artist: abstract expressionism, impressionism, copyright direction "Metaphysics of perception", Water color painting, artistic portrait, fresque. Genres: portrait, full-scale urban landscape, flowers, separate reality.


 Over the last ten years the artist Irini held more than 40 personal exhibitions in various halls of Moscow and the Moscow region (CDA, House of Arts, Tushino Hall, Theatre Lenkoma VVC, Sokolniki, Russian State University of Peoples' Friendship Hall in Barvikha Vatutinki, Nazareva, mountains. Istra, Moscow Dvor, CHA, etc.) . She was awarded an honorary diploma for participation in an art exhibition in the Central House of Artists in 2001. "DE BON OBRAZY" and included in the catalog of the exhibition, as well as the diploma for the participation in the exhibition "Age of Aquarius" in Moscow guest court in 2010.